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Planning Section:
Charging in water resources in the management control area planning basic information examination, and data statistical analysis as well as management, and programming on the management plans for rivers, drainage system, and levee.

Construction Section :
Management on construction of levee, central water control rivers, area drainage system protextion, reconstruction of dikes, water area landscape improvement and replanting,repairing on the construction after disaster, as well as examining on survey, measurement, design, supervision for quality construction, and all related management business.

Management Section :
Survey on rivers, drainage, and levee area,?river area application to replant, and prevention and punishment for illegal utilization, unlawful actions against regulations, etc.

Property Section :
Management on construction land, objects make-up on land, land acquisition, public land management, information business and management ,etc.

Management for official papers, general business, cashier, research and approval affairs, etc. and other affairs not belonging to any of the section.

Personnel Office :
Administrtion on personnel control affairs, employment and duty dismiss, reward and punishment, and welfare, etc. various business affairs.

Accounting Office:
Settlement of account, statistics of revenues and expenditures.

Civil Service Ethicw Office :
Work for discipline to prevent from corruption.

WSmergency Management Group:
Established to management for emergency case after disaster, such as: flood, drought, and earthquake, etc. to rescue for life and property of the people.